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When Do You Need a Lawyer for a DUI/DWI Charge?

Facing a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charge can be a daunting experience, with potential legal, personal, and professional consequences. In such situations, the guidance of a seasoned lawyer is not just beneficial; it's often crucial. This blog explores the scenarios where hiring a lawyer for a DUI/DWI charge becomes...
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What are My Rights in a NYC Sobriety Test?

Navigating a sobriety test in Buffalo, NY can be intimidating, especially if you're unsure about your legal rights and obligations. Understanding these rights can significantly impact how you handle the situation and can help protect you if you're suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. Here at Trbovich Law Firm, we...
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Early Release From Covid-19 Health Risk Incarceration

The global spread of infection of COVID-19 has affected almost every aspects of everyone’s everyday lives with social distancing and quarantining measures put in place in the name of safety for the country’s residents. The goal is to limit contact and therefore exposure to the virus while we anxiously await a vaccination or a cure....
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How Do I Address My Traffic Ticket If I Can’t Get to Court?

Traffic tickets happen all the time, but timely follow-up, despite any obstacles, is necessary to protect your record and driver’s license. We’ve previously discussed how to take care of a DUI received out-of-state. Given the current state of affairs, you should consider how to address your traffic ticket without physically appearing in court. Points against...
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Drugs, DWAI's, New York Law and What You Should Know

For just a moment, forget about whether a drug is legal or illegal, prescribed medication or recreational substance. Any drug can impair a person enough to qualify for a Driving While Ability Impaired by a Single Drug (DWAI) charge, in New York, but the process for proving a DWAI is not nearly as straightforward as...
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Holiday Travel and DUIs

Travel this time of year is normal for most people. But what do you do when you face DUI charges in a state or country you don’t live in? Buffalo and all western New York can be incredibly picturesque in the wintertime and is a draw for not just tourists but for families across the...
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Common Questions in DUI

Receiving a DUI charge for the first time can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. You may find yourself inundated with fears about how this arrest might impact your future. Below are just a few common questions you might have during this difficult time. Can I refuse a breath test? There are two types of...
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Whether you are a college student or a fully-established adult, you are never too young or too old to find yourself arrested for a DUI for the first time. But once you’re arrested, what happens? There are a lot of moving components to DUI law and especially first-offense DUI. Despite the myriad complications that can...
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Numerous Speeding Tickets Result from Police Operation

When police conduct specific operations, it is common for multiple people to find themselves in trouble with the law. In some cases, the trouble may be relatively minor, such as facing speeding tickets after a crackdown. Still, tickets can have negative repercussions for drivers, and many may want to consider their options for fighting against...
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New York Man Charged with DWI After Accident on Route 33

A Buffalo, New York, resident was charged with drunk driving and fleeing the scene after causing an accident on Route 33. On Sunday, July 21, 2019 around 2:15 a.m., he crashed into another vehicle while driving the wrong way on a road, endangering the driver of the other car and himself. The operator of the...
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