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Grand Island DWI Criminal Defense Attorney

Grand Island DWI Criminal Defense Attorney

Grand Island Town Court
2255 Baseline Road
Grand Island, New York 14072

When you have to go to court for a DWI or for any kind of moving violation then you deserve to have a team behind you. Traffic tickets and drunk driving charges are more than just inconvenient. They have the potential to seriously impact your life.

The Turbo Team at Trbovich Law Firm has helped people across western New York who have to go to court in Grand Island. Our experience and aggressive tactics lead to results that all our clients want in such cases as:

  • DWI charges
  • Speeding tickets
  • Reckless driving charges
  • Any other moving violation

Grand Island is the quickest route to get to Niagara Falls or Lewiston. Many residents of Grand Island, NY must take the North and South Grand Island Bridge several times a day. The only other routes to avoid paying the tolls of Grand Island are to take the Niagara Scenic Parkway, formerly known at the Robert Moses Expressway to Niagara Falls Boulevard or the Niagara Expressway (RT-265) that runs parallel with the Niagara River in Erie and Niagara County. This route is referred to as Military Road by residents. This route is significant because you can avoid tolls, but at a drastically reduced speed, if you take Military from Buffalo through Black Rock, Riverside, the village of Kenmore, the town and city of Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, Wheatfield, Niagara Falls, and Lewiston.

Grand Island connects Tonawanda to Niagara Falls. An interesting piece of history about the bridge is the fact that the former Sheriff of Erie County, Frank J. Offerman – and the previous owner of the Buffalo Bisons (triple-A Baseball team in Buffalo, NY) – was very active in getting the southbound Grand Island Bridge sanctioned. The southbound bridge became part of NY 324 by 1937. New York State assumed ownership of the bridge in 1950 as part of Niagara Thruway’s construction.

In the past, drivers would slow down upon entering the toll booths for Grand Island. However, in March of 2018, the toll booths were removed and only cashless billing is available via E-Z Pass or call-in or mail-in system. With the toll booths removed, traffic flows more freely and speeds on the island are increased to 65 mph from the standard 55 mph on the 190 North and South. The decrease in speed occurs before the Northbound and Southbound bridges and there are familiar sightings of New York State Troopers at the base of the bridges on either side. Visitors that stay in Buffalo and make the trek to go to see Niagara Falls, commonly listed as the seventh wonder of the world.

Due to the vast amount of travel that occurs through Grand Island, it is home to the Western New York Welcome Center located at 1999 Alvin Road, Grand Island, NY 14072, which is open 24 hours a day for travelers. The Trbovich Law Firm’s Grand Island, NY location on Whitehaven Road is only minutes away from the Grand Island Court House and the Welcome Center. Our team of professional and experienced attorneys are local and happy to help make appearances on your behalf if you have visited from out of town or state for a traffic infraction.

We will fight on your behalf to get the outcome you deserve and help you save your time and money.

You can rely on the Turbo Team!

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