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Archives for Month: May 2019

Do Not Allow Alcohol to Make You a Statistic This Summer

Along with commemorating those who sacrificed their lives for our country, Memorial Day welcomed in the patriotic summer holidays. Many New Yorkers took advantage of the first long weekend to gather at the cabin, catch fish and share a few drinks with friends. But unfortunately, for some, it was also the time to face a...
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Crash Puts Driver in Need of DWI Defense

When not in their right state of mind, individuals can often make choices that they later regret. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption can impair decision-making abilities, and as a result, a driver may end up traveling the wrong way on a road. When this happens, not only could a serious accident occur, but the driver could also...
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Speeding Tickets Issued in New York School Zone

There are many areas and certain times where police may enforce the law more heavily. For instance, authorities often crack down on violations that occur in school zones, and it is common for speeding tickets and other citations to result. In some cases, police departments may even set up specific detail assignments to target these...
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What Outcomes Could Stem from a Traffic Stop?

You are likely among the numerous people in New York who drive a vehicle on a regular basis. Though you try to remain a safe and courteous driver the majority of the time, everyone can have a lapse in judgment while behind the wheel. Hopefully, your actions have never caused a car accident, but they...
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