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Lockport DWI Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lockport DWI Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lockport City Court
One Locks Plaza
Lockport, NY 14094

When you go into the courthouse in Lockport, New York, to defend yourself for a traffic ticket or a DWI, understand that going alone at this moment might not end well. You might have prepared your case as well as you could, but without the experience of an aggressive attorney behind you, your odds are not good.

Lockport is part of Niagara County and has many rural roads with speed limits of 55 mph such as Route 104, also known as Ridge Road, Route 31 which is 30mph in the heart of the city, East Ave and then transitions to Lockport Rd. Sections of these roads range from 55mph to 30 mph with sections that are at 45mph. Drivers need to be cognizant of these changes and many times do not notice the reduction that takes place in school zones near Niagara Community College. New York State Troopers can regularly be found on these roads, as well as Transit Road and Millersport Road that once again, serve as state routes and regular roads.

Lockport has attractions that draw tourists such as the Niagara Wine Trail and the Lockport Locks on the Erie Canal. The wine trails have specific events on weekends and throughout the season that include free glasses or group tastings. Once again, they recommend planning with a driver or limo, but if you have had too much to drink according to state limits and are charged with DWI, the Trbovich Law Firm is experienced with handling traffic and criminal matters in Lockport, Pendleton, Wheatfield, North Tonawanda, Lewiston, Sanborn, Model City, and all of Niagara County. Our team has an office conveniently located in Lockport, NY to help assist our local clients with court appearances and defense strategies.

The Trbovich Law Firm is here to fight for you. If you want to fight your traffic ticket or DWI, we will do it for you. We are known for aggressive action and great results in moving violations and drunk driving charges.

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