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Speeding Tickets

Speeding Tickets Are Costly Infractions In New York State

Speeding can boast expensive fines, have a serious impact on your insurance rates, add points to your license, or even get your driving privileges revoked. Depending on how fast you are driving over the speed limit, you can face even more severe penalties.

A speeding ticket should not be treated as a minor offense. Because of the consequences that you can face, it is paramount that you seek out adequate legal assistance. At Trbovich Law Firm, we recognize that many of our clients rely on their driver’s license to support their livelihood, and for that reason, we treat every speeding ticket case as though it were our own. Call 716-634-4646 to learn more.

Speeding Can Add Points To Your Record

As with most crimes, there are varying degrees of consequences for speeding. How fast you were accused of going matters and depending on your clocked speed, you could be facing a damaging number of points on your driving record.

What follows is a chart detailing how New York State gives points for speeding violations:

MPH Over Speed Limit Points On License

1 – 10 mph 3 points
11 – 20 mph 4 points
21 – 30 mph 6 points
31 – 40 mph 8 points
41+ mph 11 points
*At 11 points, your license will be suspended*

By immediately pleading guilty to a speeding ticket you are admitting fault and accepting the penalties. The Turbo Team has the experience and proven results that have helped citizens throughout Buffalo and New York State reduce and eliminate speeding tickets. Learn how we can help you as well today.

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