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Canadian Defense

Legal Assistance For Canadian Drivers Facing New York Traffic Tickets

Many drivers don’t realize a traffic ticket or driving violation in New York can affect a Canadian license. Recently, Ontario and New York signed an agreement that makes traffic convictions in New York transferable to Ontario, so drive safely.

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Do not get caught in the trap. The Turbo Team is knowledgeable about traffic violations across the border. One traffic ticket improperly handled can have many unintended consequences that may include fines, points, increased insurance rates, loss or suspension of license, or worse. We can provide skilled legal advice on how to resolve traffic tickets with minimal to no impact.

Our criminal defense lawyers assist drivers facing a range of charges in Western New York. We have an impressive record of success handling matters that range from speeding tickets to DUI and DWAI. Whether you are a commercial driver or a visitor stopped by police during a weekend vacation, you can depend on our team to craft an aggressive approach that effectively challenges the prosecutor’s case.

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