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License Reinstatement

Your Options For Reinstating Your License

If you lost your license because of a DWI or for accumulating too many traffic citation points, you are probably anxious for its return. Going without your license can have a real impact on your daily life. It may even affect your job. So how do you go about having your license reinstated? The Turbo Team at Trbovich Law Firm can help. Our experienced attorneys understand New York traffic and criminal laws and know what it takes to get your license back.

The Difference Between A Suspended And Revoked License

There is a difference between license suspension and license revocation. If your license is suspended, you will most likely get it back at the end of the suspension period, assuming you complied with all requirements. If the DMV revokes your license, however, you will have to apply for its reinstatement. This process can be complicated. Our attorneys can help you understand the requirements. Most DWI convictions result in a revocation, while many traffic tickets only call for a suspension.

Options While Your License Is Suspended Or Revoked

You may be able to find solutions that allow you to drive even while your license is revoked. We will help you determine if you are eligible for either of the following:

  • Hardship license: You can apply for a hardship license within three days of your arraignment for a DWI, which will allow you to go to and from work for 30 days while you await trial. You can only qualify if you did not refuse a chemical test and you have not had another DWI conviction within the past five years.
  • Conditional License or Restricted License: In some cases, if your license is revoked due to a DWI conviction, the DMV will issue you a restricted license if you enroll in a Drunk
  • Driver Program (DDP). This license will allow you to go to work, pick up children, and run limited personal errands.

We can help you evaluate your options and find the best process to reinstate your driving privileges, whether temporary or permanent.

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