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Assault And Battery

Assault And Battery: Serious Crimes, Serious Defense

Any criminal charge is serious, but crimes deemed violent, like assault and battery, raise the stakes for penalties. The term “assault” represents a wide range of violent or otherwise threatening behaviors. But “battery” is a matter of physical harm inflicted on another party, and thus assault and battery charges can be intimidating, and the punishments are often life-altering. Some first-degree convictions result in decades of imprisonment. Even low-level assault charges could get you jail time.

Circumstances make all the difference. At Trbovich Law Firm, we are ready to represent you and vigorously pursue your best possible defense to secure your best possible future. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to find out how our experienced attorneys can help you with your assault charges or any other criminal defense matter you face in the Buffalo area.

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Though serious, you can defend assault and battery charges. For example, you might have been acting in self-defense or sincerely had no intent on physically harming the supposed victim. Like many New York crimes, the degree of the assault and battery conviction will depend on the prosecutor’s ability to prove intent. Furthermore, if an injury occurred, the degree of the injury also bears weight on the conviction and resulting punishment. Evidence from the event, such as medical records, needs thorough examination.

These cases are quite complex. You should not represent yourself if you intend to truly defend your actions. Seasoned lawyers like the Turbo Team are ready to examine your case and protect your rights.

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Your defense attorney should be a committed, tough-minded representative throughout your case. We have years of experience from varying viewpoints of assault charges throughout western New York. Call us at 716-634-4646 or email us for a free consultation.

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