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When you see those flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, don’t panic. Whether you’re fighting a minor traffic ticket or a more serious traffic violation, the Turbo Team can walk you through the process of fighting your traffic ticket in court, regardless of where you are in Western New York.

You Need A Traffic Ticket Attorney You Can Trust

Traffic violations and traffic tickets can have a serious impact on your license, insurance, and your wallet. Simply pleading guilty to a traffic violation can have a negative impact on your record for years to come, seriously affecting your insurance rates or legal driving privileges.


You need a traffic ticket attorney who has the expertise and commitment to keep you in the driver’s seat. The Turbo Team will help you avoid high fines, points on your license, increased insurance rates, and traffic courses. With over decades of practicing traffic law in Buffalo and the Western New York region, The Turbo Team is here for you.

  • Speeding ticket
    • What Is It?
      Speeding can boast expensive fines, have a serious impact on your insurance rates, add points to your license, or even get your driving privileges revoked. Depending on how fast you are driving over the speed limit, you can face more severe penalties.

      New York Speeding Violation Chart

      MPH Over Speed Limit Points on License
      1 – 10 mph 3 points
      11 – 20 mph 4 points
      21 – 30 mph 6 points
      31 – 40 mph 8 points
      41+ mph 11 points
      *At 11 points, your license will be suspended*
    • What Can You Do About It?
      By immediately pleading guilty to a speeding ticket you are admitting fault and accepting the penalties. The Turbo Team has the experience and proven results that have helped citizens throughout Buffalo and Western New York reduce and eliminate speed tickets. Learn how we can help you as well today.
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  • Parking tickets
    • What Is It?
      Parking tickets are a common sight throughout Buffalo and Western New York. Parking violations can quickly and unnecessarily add up if you’re not careful.
    • What Can You Do About It?
      If you’ve been unjustly accused of a parking violation, there are ways to fight this. Understand your rights with the help of the Turbo Team’s expert attorneys.
  • Cellphone tickets
    • What Is It?
      Driving while talking on the phone or texting carries serious penalties in New York State that can result in heavy fines, points on your license, and even the revocation of your driving privileges.
    • What Can You Do About It?
      If you’re accused of talking or texting while driving, you do have options. The Turbo Team has helped citizens throughout Buffalo and WNY beat their cell phone tickets and we can help you too.
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  • Reckless driving
    • What Is It?
      Reckless driving is a major traffic offense categorized as an unclassified misdemeanor that can result in serious fines, restrictions on your license, and even imprisonment. Being convicted of reckless driving will result in points on your license as well as a criminal record.
    • What Can You Do About It?
      Fighting to keep a clean driving and criminal record is important. The negative impacts resulting from a reckless driving conviction put your driving privileges, your livelihood, and your freedom at risk. You need a team of experienced attorneys who has fought and won against reckless driving charges in Buffalo and throughout WNY. Contact the Turbo Team today for help.
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  • Overaggressive driving
    • What Is It?
      Over aggressive driving is when a driver deliberately acts in a way that puts people or property at risk. From running red lights or failing to yield to tailgating and irresponsibly changing lanes, aggressive driving is a traffic offense that is taken seriously by the courts in Western New York.
    • What Can You Do About It?
      Maintaining a clean driving record is important to help you save money from expensive fines and insurance hikes. Simply pleading guilty to over aggressive driving can have negative consequences when it comes to keeping a clean license. Let the Turbo Team fight for a positive outcome for you by contacting us today.
  • Failure to use a turn signal
    • What Is It?
      Failing to use a signal upon making a turn will get you pulled over just about anywhere in Western New York. Properly signalling is imperative to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. The traffic violation carries points on your license as well as a significant fine.
    • What Can You Do About It?
      Fighting your traffic violations, including a failure to use a turn signal, is important in order to help avoid the fines, insurance hikes, and blemishes on your license that are associated with it. Learn how the Turbo Team can help you fight your charges today.
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  • Unauthorized parking in a handicapped zone
    • What Is It?
      Parking or standing in a space reserved for the handicapped will land you a ticket just about anywhere in WNY. Coinciding with lofty fines, fighting these charges can help you save money.
    • What Can You Do About It?
      Contact the Turbo Team today to see how we can help you fight this charge and other traffic violations that you might face.
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  • Improper stop signal stopping
    • What Is It?
      Not coming to a complete stop when you arrive at a stop sign will land you a traffic ticket and hefty fines that are associated with it.
    • What Can You Do About It?
      Before pleading guilty to a traffic violation, contact the Turbo Team to see how we can help. Working to avoid points on your license, insurance hikes, and lofty fines, the Turbo Team will help you achieve a desirable outcome for your situation.
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  • Driving Without A License
    • What Is It?
      In New York State, having a valid driver’s license is required anytime you operate a motor vehicle. Whether your license was suspended or revoked for serious traffic violations, delinquent fees, driving without insurance, or any other infraction, police officers will not hesitate to pull you over for this. With penalties ranging from hefty traffic infractions all the way up to a felony, New York State, and the DMV, take this offense very seriously.
    • What Can You Do About It?
      Having the proper legal advice that will help you determine the best course of action in order to fight the charges against you is crucial. If you’re facing charges for driving without a license in Western New York, contact the Turbo Team today.
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  • CDL Log Book Violations
    • What Is It?
      New York State requires commercial drivers to have an accurate logbook on them at all times when they are operating their vehicle. Failure to maintain this record or falsifying information is a misdemeanor, carrying with it a criminal record, heavy fines, and potential jail time.
    • What Can You Do About It?
      Your CDL is crucial to maintaining your livelihood so losing this can be detrimental to your future. If you’re charged with infractions related to your CDL Log Book it’s important to have a team that understands the intricacies of commercial vehicle law to help you and your situation. Let the Turbo Team help you today by contacting our office to learn more.
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Penalties For Traffic Violations

For many people, the immediate consequence of a speeding ticket is the associated fine. In New York State, your fines will depend on how far over the speed limit you were going, but are also subject of a wide range of dollar amounts that is within the discretion of the judge. Excessive speeds can sometimes even lead to jail time.

  • 1 to 10 mph over the speed limit carries a fine of $45 to $150 as well as a surcharge which is $93 in most courts.
  • 11 to 30 mph over the speed limit carries a fine of $90 to $300 plus the surcharge. In some cases a judge can impose jail as well for up to 15 days.
  • 31 mph or more over the speed limit carries a fine of $180 to $600 plus the surcharge. Judges also have the power to impose jail for up to 30 days.
  • Imprudent speed, which is defined as traveling unsafely for current conditions, can result in a fine of $45 to $150 plus the surcharge (as well as 3 points).

It should be noted that jail time is quite rare for speeding cases. But it is not unheard of, particularly for very high speeds of more than 100 mph and/or repeat offenders. Most judges will notify the defendant if he/she is considering a jail sentence. If that is a possibility, it is very important that you hire a competent attorney that is experienced and familiar with the court where your case is being heard.

Insurance Rate Increases

How much your insurance rates will increase following a speeding ticket will depend on your insurance company’s individual rules and policies. However, here is an example from one insurance company that will give you an idea of how your insurance premium can be affected as a result of a speeding conviction. Please remember that your insurance premiums may be affected by many variables, including good driver discounts, credit rates, driving history, miles driven per year, location, type of vehicle, age of driver and many other factors.

  • If you are convicted of speeding 1-14 mph over the speed limit, it will lead to around an 11% increase in your insurance premiums.
  • A conviction of speeding at 15-29 mph over the speed limit will lead to around a 12% increase in your insurance premiums.
  • Convictions of 30 mph and up over the speed limit will lead to around a 15% increase in your insurance premiums.
  • If you have been convicted of careless driving, you can expect to see around an 18% increase in your premiums.
  • If you have been convicted of reckless driving (which is a misdemeanor in New York), you can anticipate a 22% increase in your premiums.

What Should You Do?

The Turbo Team will help you avoid high fines, points on your license, increased insurance rates, and traffic courses. We believe that every case is different, so contact our attorneys for a free consultation. We will review your case to see if your violation points can be reduced to protect your driving record.

License Suspension

Speeding tickets can also lead to license suspension, particularly in extreme circumstances or after repeated instances of speeding. You might be facing a license suspension if you have experienced any of the following:

  • You have had 11 or more points added to your license within an 18 month period;
  • You have received more than 3 speeding tickets within eighteen months, and all resulted in speeding convictions;
  • You have not paid your fine after it was imposed by the court; or
  • You failed to show up in court or answer the ticket in some way.

This is not a complete list. There are many reasons why a license can be suspended. If you receive a Notice of Suspension in the mail, you should contact an experienced attorney right away to discuss your options.

If you receive a speeding ticket and are worried about the consequences, contact us today! Our experienced attorneys are familiar with the New York court system and understand how to navigate the system to attain a positive result. Don’t lose your license or suffer a very poor-looking driving record. Get in touch with our experienced attorneys today!

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