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Proudly serving Buffalo and the entire Western New York region, the Trbovich Law Firm has a team of resourceful, experienced, and aggressive attorneys that will fight for the justice you deserve. We understand that people make mistakes, so we’re here to help when you find yourself in some legal trouble.

DWI Defense

DWI Defense Attorney - Buffalo, NY

Getting arrested for drunk driving can have major ramifications on your livelihood and your freedom. Having a DWI defense attorney in your corner who is familiar with the Buffalo courts and has the experience handling drunk driving defense cases is important for a successful outcome. Learn more about the Turbo Team’s DWI defense process and how we can help you.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Attorney - Buffalo NY

From parking tickets to major traffic violations, the Turbo Team can help you avoid hefty fines, lofty insurance hikes, and points on your license. Pleading guilty to traffic tickets and admitting fault can have negative consequences on your driving privileges. The Turbo Team is here to help with your traffic tickets, regardless of where they are in Western New York. Learn more and contact us today.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney - Buffalo NY

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and freedom. Regardless of the severity of the crime, the Turbo Team is here to help. Our team of attorneys has the experience in the Buffalo and Western New York court system to help achieve a desirable outcome for you. Learn more about the charges we help defend against and contact us today for a free consultation.