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St. Paddy’s Day Results in Thousands of New York Traffic Tickets

St. Paddy’s Day Results in Thousands of New York Traffic Tickets

April 1, 2019

Though St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, many individuals may still be feeling the repercussions of that weekend, especially if they were on the roads. Across New York state, police departments carried out initiatives to spot impaired drivers on the roads. Because drunk drivers were not the only focus, numerous traffic tickets were issued.

According to a recent report, the enforcement resulted in over 13,000 traffic tickets being issued statewide over the course of the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. In addition to those tickets, 259 individuals were taken into custody for driving while intoxicated. Gov. Andrew Cuomo indicated that the holiday weekend was no excuse to participate in illegal activities and that the enforcement over that weekend serves as notice to drivers that the law will be aggressively enforced.

In addition to sobriety checkpoints utilized to identify impaired drivers, officers also investigated traffic accidents and conducted other traffic stops. Over the weekend, more than 4,500 tickets were issued for speeding, and hundreds of others were issued in relation to seat belt violations, distracted driving and Move Over law violations. It was noted that both marked and unmarked police vehicles were used during the weekend enforcement efforts.

Now, thousands of New York drivers face the dilemma of handling traffic tickets. Fortunately, they have legal options that could allow them to fight the tickets they received in hopes of reaching a favorable outcome. Interested parties may want to gain more information on their options by consulting with attorneys experienced in taking this type of action.

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